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Vista Vapors E Juice And Supplies

What is a vista? You have heard the word before, probably with regard to an expensive home or a holiday location.

A “vista” is a fine view, perhaps a panorama, and is almost always associated with a positive visual experience. Most people imagine looking out over a vista from a high location; looking down over a picturesque expanse of green fields, gardens, or beautiful buildings.

You can see so much more from the top of your world which is where employees at Vista Vapors hope their clients feel they are: at the top of their vaping experience with Vista Vapors e juices.

Vista Vapors Online With Coupons

The website for Vista Vapors has undergone a few changes recently. It is a little more sophisticated although it was a pretty good site to begin with.

The only problem is this ad that comes up on the screen, covering everything, and I just have to wait for it to disappear. This ad shows links to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Readers are encouraged to join the mailing list and receive a discount for signing up. It’s as though you are held to ransom: sign up or the offer won’t go away.

At the same time, I am familiar with this brand, and they are well respected in the industry, and they are doing what they can to remain competitive.

Vista Vapors Nicotine Juice

Let’s look at the e liquid selection starting with their bestsellers. That is a way to shave an expansive list down to something manageable. We will consider the top ten e juices at Vista Vapors by how well they sell.

The top ten (besides Mix Your Juice) are:

• Icy Menthol
• Blue Raspberry
• Cotton Candy
• Green Apple
• American Tobacco
• Razzleberry
• Watermelon
• Strawberry
• New Menthol
• Cinnamon Roll

If I was to try and pull a common thread out of this list it would be their star ratings: 4 stars each. I guess that would explain why these are the top-selling flavors. Another thread is “sweetness”: most of these flavors are at least lightly sweet. Finally, fruit flavors are really popular: 5 of the 10 contain some kind of fruit. And Of course all of these are available with promo codes.

Buying E Juice from Vista Vapors With Coupon Codes

Here is how you buy e juice. Firstly, pick a flavor and choose your bottle size. Select a 17-ml bottle for $4.99 or 10 ml for $2.99. Add $1.75 if you would rather order a glass bottle than a plastic one. Add more money for a 32-ml plastic or glass bottle, 52 ml, or 102 ml (the latter two only come in plastic). Vista Vapors sells their e juice at a very low price; one of the best.

Now pick a nicotine level. These go down from 24 mg by increments of 6 mg or 3 mg at a time to “zero” for people who like feeling as though they are still “smoking” but don’t want the buzz nicotine gives them.

Select regular flavor or add a boost: 10% to 50%. Opt for Max-vegetable glycerin, 70% propylene glycol, or 50/50 which is their regular blend.

Finally, indicate how many bottles you wish to receive. Every order priced $50 or more is shipped free of charge, so if you can boost this order to that threshold you pay even less.

It might help if you co-op the order with friends, plan ahead for many weeks of vaping, or pick up hardware while you are here.

Make sure that before you checkout you are using the Vista Vapors coupon codes that we supplied up top.

Thoughts on the E Juice

A lot of vapers put on airs and say that e juice is only good enough if it’s hand-crafted in small batches and costs 80 cents per milliliter. A whole other camp of vapers says this is affectation: there is nothing wrong with inexpensive e juice. It’s not worse than expensive stuff because expensive stuff is over-priced.

Really this is a personal choice. Vista Vapors makes a range of premium e liquids bottled in glass, designed for sub-ohm vaping, but with their customization process you can have thick e juice any time. They might not blend complicated flavors but customers can experiment with mixtures at home.

Hardware at Vista Vapors

A considerable selection of products is available from Vista Vapors, all from the best known manufacturers of electronic vaping equipment. They include Aspire, Innokin, eLeaf, and Kanger.

Vista also carries a home-brand kit for beginners: the Vista single or double eGo kit. These sets contain regular eGo electronic cigarettes and clearomizers and aren’t fancy, just functional and inexpensive.

The Vista Vapors line also includes the Innokin Cool Fire II (that old grenade style), an eLeaf iStick 100W, Innokin’s reliable iTaste 134, and a Kanger Subox Mini for sub ohm vapers. Pricing is excellent. Vista Vapors is skilled at wholesale ordering and knows how to make a profit without gouging customers.

Buy accessories too like Aspire tanks and spare parts, the Herakles tank, an iClear 30B/30S, or the Kanger Aerotank. This selection isn’t as good as their catalogue of electronic equipment but the basics and spare parts for them are all here at reasonable prices once more. Once again, all of this is available with coupons we supplied above.

Vista Vapors Overview

There are several ways to get in touch with the people at Vista Vapors. One is to call them: there is a 24/7 phone line listed prominently on the screen. Secondly, you can chat with an employee right on the site by pressing on the “chat” box. Get in touch with the team by email or go onto Facebook and start a conversation. This is where customers go to experience the personal side of Vista Vapors.

Their FAQ section answers a lot of questions without the need to call or email. Find out how to mix your own e liquid and learn about advanced vaping methods. Examine the Rewards Program where you receive discounts towards further e juice purchases. With every 1,000 points you earn a dollar, and at $5 increments you can redeem points.

All in all this is an approachable company with a fun website: lots of color but not distractingly colorful or overly busy. Their e-juice focus doesn’t prevent them from selling some of the most reliable vaporizers the industry has to offer. They could update some items, but I’m generally satisfied with what I’ve seen at Vista Vapors.

Saving Money With Vista Vapors & Using Coupon Codes For

Vista Vapors e juice is already affordably priced. They offer reasonable prices for their hardware and, of course, you want to support an American firm. How could the deal get any sweeter? There are several ways to save money with Vista Vapors and make your vaping money go further.

Rewards Program

One way to maximize your savings is to take advantage of their reward program. Customers automatically start earning points when they make their first purchase, but if you don’t know what you’ve got how can you make the most of those numbers?

On every order, you receive 100 points for each dollar you spend not including shipping. Every time you reach 5,000 points, redeem for $5 or wait until you hit the next level, achieving a $1 discount for every $1,000.

Points can only be redeemed, however, in 5,000-point increments. You also receive points for referring friends or family who go on to make a purchase: 5,000 more points. By placing an order, you have already started the process, providing email details, etc. required to join the loyalty plan.

Save Money with E Juice

The e liquid at is already low-priced, but how can a vaper reduce that cost even further? He can buy bigger bottles. It costs only $16.99 for a 102-ml bottle of basic e juice in their regular range of flavors, any pre-made variety. This works out to about $0.17 per milliliter.

Buy a Bundle

Don’t just pick up a single bottle of VV Premium e liquids: order the set. Each bottle of Mellow Brew is priced $19.99. Order all five at once and save roughly $1 per bottle: $5 on the bundle. The same goes for Happy Tongue. The entire collection could cost $70 ($15 each) but it’s just $65 if you order the set.

Purchase a Starter Kit

When you order goods, buy them as a set, not individually. You’re going to need another clearomizer or battery down the road anyway, so pick up a starter kit which contains lots of gear for a discounted price such as extra coils and charging equipment. These purchases are also good for supplying back-up equipment and spares for traveling.

Free Shipping

Wait to send in an order, don’t let it add up to just $40. Once you reach $50 you pay nothing for shipping. There are a couple of ways to approach this: either bulk up on stuff like coils and e juice and then send in an individual order or collect orders from others and join together to save the price of shipping. It works out fairly in the end if one person’s loyalty points are used to the benefit of everyone.

Coupon Codes

Of course we have mentioned this many times already, you should always make sure to use the coupon codes for Vista Vapors that we supplied at the top of this page BEFORE checkout out and purchasing.